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There is no greater skyline to capture the essence of modern life than the one you will find filming in Hong Kong. Vibrant urbanity and temples blend in a surprising complementarity. Whether you wish to capture the peninsular melting pot or go island hopping, everything is possible here. Fixer Hong Kong offers you all-encompassing production support, so you can shoot freely. Our assistance covers a wide array of services, from gear rental to film permit guidance. Our location scout will be at your service from the very beginning and take you to the most scenic spots. Get the most extensive support, all across the land and water. Miss no opportunity to capture unique angles and stunning panoramas. In the city of skyscrapers, rely on our help to get things in order on set.

A big plus of our collaborations is our experience with various types of productions. We can support far more than just commercial videos. If you choose to film in Hong Kong to chase a lead on a story, count us in. As a fully vetted journalist fixer, we can put you in contact with the right people.

We are proud of our extensive portfolio and strive to provide high-quality services. For a top-of-the-line filming experience, trust Fixer Hong Kong. Equipment rental, crew hire, location scouting, all become accessible with us. And what we think you will enjoy most is our adaptability. Our support is fully tailored according to your needs and budget. Let’s talk more!

Benefits Of Working With A Fixer In Hong Kong

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For any filmmaker, shooting abroad can be a blessing or a curse. Fixer Hong Kong strives to make your filming experience as positive as possible. Our top-notch production assistance covers a wide array of filming needs. Shoot stress-free while we handle formalities for film permits or gear rental for you.

Get access to state-of-the-art resources and make the most of each filming opportunity. From old temples to brand new skyscrapers, you have plenty of options to film. Team up with a leading film fixer in Hong Kong and spend more time behind the camera. Allow us to show you what wide-ranging support means.

Rely on our team to take care of all the details on set and beyond. Filming in Hong Kong can be overwhelming for foreign producers. So count on us to help you find your way through the maze of formalities and more. As the film industry is quite developed here, you get access to a large pool of specialists. Fixer Hong Kong is the fastest way to get in contact with reliable experts. Plus, the local infrastructure truly boosts accessibility to any resource. For every aspect of production, count on us to be your dedicated film fixer in Hong Kong.

We know how valuable your time and budget are. So we ensure they are in good hands while filming in Hong Kong. Do not let the hustle and bustle of the metropolis take you aback. Trust Fixer Hong Kong’s top support for your next video production!

Filming In Hong Kong With Us

From a bird’s eye view or right from the heart of the metropolis, filming in Hong Kong will be epic. What we can ensure is that while you spend time behind the camera, everything runs smoothly on set. For that, our location scout manager is at your service, to show you stunning spots and the most scenic angles.

You get to pick if you want to capture the jaw-dropping panorama from The Peak. Or perhaps you are more interested to imprint on film the mystical silence of old temples. For any of these, our production assistance will come in handy. You may need a film permit for some locations. Depending on its importance and the scale of your production, it can take days or weeks to get approvals. Fixer Hong Kong has the means and knowledge necessary to help you obtain permission to film on time.

Filming in Hong Kong

If you want your production to compete with box-office hits like Batman: The Dark Knight (2008), rely on us. Many successful productions involved filming in Hong Kong, especially action movies. Of course, we can assist with commercial or documentary projects as well. State-of-the-art equipment can be easily accessed with our help. And we promise to negotiate and get the most convenient rates for you from local suppliers.

Fixer Hong Kong is a one-stop-shop for foreign filmmakers and part of service production network Storytailors. We are used to matching needs and budgets. The only aspect we strive to exceed is your expectations. Contact us for a tailored solution.

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