Film Permits & Locations

Hong Kong filming locations leave you in awe and wanting to see more. Where Eastern mystical motifs blend with Western vibrant hype, inspiration gets redefined. To capture the true essence of this incredible metropolis, you need time and patience. Or just the guidance of a reliable location scout. We trust ours to be aware of all there is to know about filming in Hong Kong. From the center’s back alleys to wave-kissed beaches, we have you covered. Gear rental, film permits, crew for hire, you name it, we make it happen. For top-notch production assistance, count on Fixer Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Filming Locations – Victoria Peak

Hong Kong filming locations encompass quite a variety of landscapes. From a mesmerizing skyline brimmed with modern buildings to white-sand beaches, choices vary. Pick your favorite spot and allow us to help you get the film permits necessary. Our production assistance is exactly what you need. If you decide on filming in Victoria Peak’s most crowded spot, let us help.

When you wish to shoot in a popular place of interest, getting the approvals ahead of time is important. We ensure you capture the iconic angle over the jungle and skyline with no rush. Get the shots you need with no interruption and engrave Hong Kong’s bustle on film. You choose if you want a daylight frame of the natural jungle embracing the urban jungle. Or catch the gleaming lights of skyscrapers at night. For any choice of location or shooting time, Fixer Hong Kong is at your service!

Hong Kong filming locations victoria peak

Filming in Kowloon

North of Victoria Harbour is where you find the contemporary side of the metropolis. Ideal for modern stories, the backdrop you get while filming in Kowloon is impressive. This is where you find the shopping, entertainment, and arts district. Among the Hong Kong filming locations, this is probably the one that can overwhelm you. Mesmerizing and at the same time, consuming, this crowded area is hard to miss.

Here, you can get plenty of b-roll or main scenes in the hustle and bustle of the city. Colorful, vibrant markets leave their mark on the area’s aesthetics. Pick your favorite and start shooting. The Temple Street Night Market,  Jade Market, Goldfish Market, or Mong Kok’s Ladies’ Market are just a few. To ensure you get to film uninterrupted, get in touch. We can provide specific details about film permits in Hong Kong. Rely on our extensive support for a top experience!

Hong Kong filming locations kowloon

Hong Kong Filming Locations – Lantau Island

If you think that the best Hong Kong filming locations are just on the peninsula, you are up for a surprise. There are more than 200 islands under the metropolis’s jurisdiction. Dare to explore beyond the borders of the peninsula and a whole new world will lay in front of your viewfinder. What makes filming in Lantau Island appealing for a foreign production company?

More than a unique mix of emerald green mountains embraced by gorgeous beaches, we say. There is a bit of sparkle there, a dash of bronze, to be exact. We mean as in one of the world’s tallest bronze statues of Buddha. Turn your camera towards the Tai O Fishing Village for a more still atmosphere, if you prefer. If imagining all that is hard, allow our location scout manager to show you around. And if you need help with film permits in Lantau Island, count on us.

film permits hong kong lantau island

Filming in Man Mo Temple

If you are looking for a typical ancient Chinese architectural gem, we have one in mind. It is something that could not be missing among Hong Kong’s filming locations. So, for a bit of ancient era nuance in your production, the Man Mo Temple can be a great place. As one of the oldest Taoist temples in Hong Kong, the building conserves some of its initial features.

We can help you get the film permits necessary for this location. Once you look at it through your viewfinder, the details on the granite pillars will enchant you. The engraved murals put a spell on the eyes of any viewer. As for the story behind it, it is a great topic for a documentary. To guide you through narrow alleys or intricate stories, rely on our location scout manager. Trust us to be your film fixer in Hong Kong and get the support you deserve.

location scout hong kong man mo temple