Filming in Hong Kong

From old temples to skyscrapers or beaches, filming in Hong Kong does not disappoint. You get a wide array of impressive locations, easily accessible. Of course, shooting in some of them may involve getting film permits. And for that, you can rely on an experienced production fixer in Hong Kong. Specialized crew, top locations within reach, and the latest gear are all available. Get the full package, for the most convenient rates. If you are ready to take your video production to the next level, contact us. Our top production assistance is what you need for a stress-free filming experience!

Top-Notch Production Assistance & Access For Filming In Hong Kong

When you aim to represent a unique fusion of cultures in video production, opt for filming in Hong Kong. This melting pot of Western and Eastern elements will leave you in awe and give you plenty of aspects to film. Allow it to inspire you and rely on our production assistance to cover your needs. Trust our location manager to know the way to the most telegenic places. For Kowloon or Lantau Island and beyond, we know well the formalities to obtain film permits. Let us help!

Drama, action, documentary or horror, any production can be easily filmed here. When hearing about Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life (2003) or Skyscraper (2018), it may surprise you. Yet they are proof that filming in Hong Kong is a great idea for any type of production. Foreign filmmakers have set their viewfinder on this metropolis even from the ’70s. The James Bond: Man with the Golden Gun (1974) movie was also shot here. So you know that top-notch production assistance is not an impossible mission here. On the contrary, the high standards for the filming industry will impress you here. 

For full support and a top filming experience, count on Fixer Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Film Permits

Getting Film Permits In Hong Kong

As you can imagine, a vibrant business center like Hong Kong is both telegenic and hard to keep for yourself. Keeping that in mind, brace yourself for formalities. In some cases, public areas can be part of your production with no prior approval or film permits needed. However, you should consider notifying the authorities. This can help you avoid any delays from your shooting schedule. You can send a notification form to the local police branch via email, free of charge. 

Filming in Hong Kong’s private locations has different rules though. You need to obtain the owners’ permission before you start production. They may request some processing fees or third-party liability insurance. Applications for these film permits can take 7 to 10 working days for processing. If you need to restrict traffic or close a street for your shooting, allocate around three weeks. Large-scale productions that impact the community or businesses get under more scrutiny. 

Film permits are usually granted after a thorough analysis. There is a case by case basis for the process. If you wish to know more specific details about the application schedule or fees, contact us. Fixer Hong Kong provides extensive support, at convenient rates. Drop us a message today!

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Tax Rebate & Cash Incentives In Hong Kong

The large diversity of resources available makes filming in Hong Kong appealing. Foreign producers are often drawn by the contrasts found here and accessibility. What may be less attractive is the incentives scheme or tax rebate. Unfortunately, none are available for any production company filming in the metropolis. Keep in mind that production costs might be slightly higher here than in Beijing or Shanghai. As there is no incentives scheme applicable to foreigners, you will have to rely only on your budget.

However, there are several reasons you should consider filming in Hong Kong. 

One of them is the opportunity to produce in such a popular destination for Hollywood’s big hits. Working with an experienced production fixer can help you turn your film into one. Count on Fixer Hong Kong for top support and convenient deals. We have a large network of collaborators, always ready to help you. Our goal is to ensure any foreign production company filming in Hong Kong has all things ready on set. We adapt our offer to give you exactly what you need. The good news is our production assistance does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. If all this sounds appealing, contact us today!

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